A book

I have been busy trying to find good photos from my archives. I liked this one for minimalism. Please tell me which do you prefer; the color or monochrome one?


CB&W – Any Kind of House

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MONOCHROME 4 – 4 – Cafe

Helsinki by day-01888-2

This week I have picked a street photograph, a coffee moment outside.  A man, obviously enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper. This  is my pick for Monochrome Madness this week.  The original is included for comparison.Helsinki by day-01888

Vise in monochrome

Verla - Ritva Sillanmäki (23 of 42)

MM 4-1 – Alone

It is amazing how quickly time goes, three years has passed. Now the Forth year  will begin. I will try to learn more ways to express myself in my monochrome pictures.  Here is my entry Alone – my entry to Monochrome Madness 4-1Alone - Ritva Sillanmäki (2 of 2)


This is my this weeks entry to MM 3- 36 -trees


MM 3- 32 -Stairs

lines-and-paterns-4Here is my this weeks entry to Monochrome Madness .I took a day trip to Estonia and this was taken when people were lining up to  leave the ship.

towards the light

Towards the light we bend


MM 3-18: Stairway

Here is my  photo for MM 3-18: Monochrome Madness,  Artistic approach to  a stairway

Tallinn   (64)

BW Beauty shot



like this message I received 🙂 Now I need some good luck!

106395 submissions and
The ViewBug team has chosen one of your B&W images for inclusion in our Black & White Masterpieces photo contest! We considered many factors when choosing images, and we thought your image was perfect.

MM 2-52: Monochrome Madness

this weeks entry to MM 2-52: Monochrome Madness is this close-up of a book.Ritva Sillanmäki - book-close-up


This is my entry to MM2-49, Balcony from Amalfi town in Italy. To see the other entries to  this inspirational challenge visit Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHYrs-03793

No Name

This is an air ventilation pipe, and for some reason I took a photo of it, and I like it. It’s shiny for one thing…

air ventilation

MM 2-48: Monochrome Madness

This is my entry to MM2-48, church towers. To see the othe entries to  this inspirational challenge visit Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY art and practice


Playful light on a porch


The Weekend in Black and White



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2-47: Monochrome Madness :Straight

This weeks theme is straight – well these are straight lines in various shades of black, white  and grey. Not the most beautiful photo – but somehow I like it. SO this is my entry to Monochrome Madness this week.straight - Ritva Sillanmäki (4 of 4)

The Weekend in Black and White

This post is linked to The Weekend in Black and White These photos are from the Ruins of St. Augustine on Goa, India. Ruins of St Augustine (32 of 36)

Ruins of St Augustine (17 of 36)


Goa India, Panjim -corridor

MM 2-44: Monochrome Madness

This is my first entry to Monochome Madness this year, I love doing them but I have been slow in getting into the groove of blogging after my holiday. I have this in color, but love the shape of this tree so I decided to try it in Monochrome.

Chapora River (54)-3

The weekend in Black and White

This weeks entry for The weekend in Black and White

Goa India, Chapora River (34)-2