Green fruits of Maple

I am posting this for no other reason that I came across it when looking at my archives of photos. well I liked it.

Fruits of Maple tree

Acer platanoides, Forest Maple it’s called in Finland or just maple, is a deciduous tree, growing to 20–30 m (65–100 ft) tall with a trunk up to 1.5 m (5 ft) in diameter, and a broad, rounded crown. The bark is grey-brown and shallowly grooved. Unlike many other maples, mature trees do not tend to develop a shaggy bark. The shoots are green at first, soon becoming pale brown.

Something I noticed #2

I will be posting random posts with a title Something I noticed. It can be a flower, a landscape, person, still life, you name it. Hope you enjoy my ranbom shots, life is pieced together from random experiences, so my next month is filled with small bits of joy or pleasurable sights.

I already posted one post about Mustion Linna , Mustio Manor, last time a falsely named it Mustio castle 🙂 The old trees in the garden are so lovely.

Mustio Manor

Beautiful tree

I have posted photos of this beautiful old oak tree during summer, and autumn, maybe even spring. . I notice it everytime I drive past it. So here is the winter version.

old oak tree

On the Road #2

I loved spotting the trees on the rolling hills. Considering I took these from a moving car I think they came out rather good. For some reason this kind of images appeal to me. I often take photos of a lonely tree of few trees? Do you have a favorite topic you come back to?

Tree on a hill

All the rolling hills on this part of the drive appeal to my aesthetic sensibilities 🙂

CFFC – Trees

the lungs of the earth. Love them,it is also the totpic on CFFC this week.

View to Pälkäne lake over the trees in Padasjoki

May – Macro#6

The miracle of sunshine. The new life grows from smallest of cracks.  This birch tree is trying to grow from our yard fence.Minimalist (5 of 22)Minimalist (7 of 22)

February 17

Boy, life has given some blows this week and also some awesome news. This is a post from a three time grandma, by grandson number three was born two days ago. So I have been some what preoccupied this week. But, here is a palm tree,  the original or the  edited one, which do you like better? a palm tree (1 of 3)a palm tree (2 of 3)

towards the light

Towards the light we bend


Pine trees

I love how the pine trees grow near the sea, how the wind and sun mold them in to these beautiful things. These are taken at Porkkalanniemi, Kirkkonummi.

MM 2-44: Monochrome Madness

This is my first entry to Monochome Madness this year, I love doing them but I have been slow in getting into the groove of blogging after my holiday. I have this in color, but love the shape of this tree so I decided to try it in Monochrome.

Chapora River (54)-3