Nice weather

it snowed yesterday, a lot! We got so much snow in our backyard, well in the front too 🙂 I took these first three this morning during the blue moment. The others a little bit later, you can see how it effected the colors.

Front yard

Soft tones of winter

I have been rather silent lately, nothing has happened really. Winter came finally with snow, it’s been 10 years since we had this much snow. Boring, boring is what life is at the moment. Maybe I will feel more positive soon, one needs to be a bit down to feel the joy again.

This feeling in the winter is not new to me as I am not a winter person, but a child of summer. If one need to point one positive thing, it the light that is slowly but surely coming our way. Sunset is at 16:23, it over a hour more that it was in December. See, I can find something positive in all this 🙂

Have a great day!

Reeds at the bay
Trees in frost


Snow covered field with one lone pine tree caught my attention and the rising mist in the afternoon gave the scenery a nice atmospheric look.

Pine tree in the misty field
Playing with composition

Empty Marina

No sailing or boating at the moment, the marina was empty the blue hour was approaching and all was good.

Empty Marina

Spot of light

I caught a spot of sunlight mids the spruce trees. Winter in with snow is rather beautiful, if cold.

WInter photos from Kirkkonummi, Finland

Beautiful tree

I have posted photos of this beautiful old oak tree during summer, and autumn, maybe even spring. . I notice it everytime I drive past it. So here is the winter version.

old oak tree

March 15

the weather is not promising spring for us, no, winter still has a strong grip on us even though it is middle of March.winter (4 of 4)