Something I noticed #2

I will be posting random posts with a title Something I noticed. It can be a flower, a landscape, person, still life, you name it. Hope you enjoy my ranbom shots, life is pieced together from random experiences, so my next month is filled with small bits of joy or pleasurable sights.

I already posted one post about Mustion Linna , Mustio Manor, last time a falsely named it Mustio castle 🙂 The old trees in the garden are so lovely.

Mustio Manor

April 28

We started the day with sunshine but now it’s cloudy and raining

May sunset

Our spring is totally messed up, Saturday it was sunny +19, today evening it was snowing and +2C. These are from Saturday  just prior sunset. I like how the light colors the trees.


We spent a day at our summer housecleaning after winter. I have to admit the first time you go there in spring time it is always a bit disappointing as everything is brown, and gray. No leaves on the trees. Hopefully in a months time it will be something different again.

IMG_4100 (Muokattu)

Searching for the

as we slided smoothly on the river that is known for it crocodile we kept lookeng at the river banks to see on an hopefully capture on. We saw three, but only one I was able o get on film. Not the best of picture, still. As we were loooking for the crocodiles, I did take lots of nice green shots of trees and reflections. well at least I like to think so…

The Daily Post- PHOTO CHALLENGE -Depth

I hope I have been able to catch the depth in these photos. These are from Botanical garden in Sri Lanka

Which Way in snow

Click  the photos to enlarge them.

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Which Way in Surrey

Click  the photos to enlarge them.

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Country road


I find these kind of roads and building very appealing.

Raasepori-12 Raasepori-14 Raasepori-62

Black & White Wednesday ~

08-Oregon coastline - one lighthouse-37

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My Memory Art

Catch the light


Focus more on how to catch the light, more at:

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Leaves and Trees

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge


These paths are from Espoo, Finland.  Click  the photos to enlarge them.

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It is going to be green soon

69-DSC07231 72-DSC07234 67-DSC07229.ARW 73-DSC07235 76-DSC07238 75-DSC07237