Nesting of the swan

As we walked around the island, we came across this swan nesting her eggs. We made sure we did not go too close as they might leave the nest if you go too near the nest.

The female swan nests alone. The male is guarding the nest or is eating somewhere further away. The female  rarely leaves the eggs during this month’s nesting time. So it’s virtually not eating of for four weeks. Even when the female leaves for a small distance to get something from the edible from the bottom of the sea it covers its eggs so they do not cool too much.

the path we take

Linlo Island-126

Walking in the primeval forest in Linlo Island in Kirkkonummi. The path we take leads us to very varied nature types. Here are few that we walked.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Favorite Place to Visit – Today it was Linlo

Second part of my walk at Linlo, the nature turned more into woods, old trees fallen over the paths, it looked so different, the sea behind our back in we went into the green. So quiet, and peaceful

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Linlo Island, Kirkkonummi

I took a walk at this small island, Linlo,  near by my home, it is so lovely there. I nearly got lost… Here are few shots from today from the first part of the walk.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Landscapes

Linlo 2 4-DSC02043 Linlo 1 Linlo 5-linlo Nastola SONY DSC ruuhijärvi SONY DSC

These photos are showcasing Finland – southern Finland to be precise – Kirkkonummi and Nastola. Lakes and woods, and sea!

That what is close to me, fields. Enjoy!

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September afternoon in Linlo island, Kirkkonummi

First it looks very grey, but we enjoy few moments of sunshine in this beautiful island.

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