Snow, snow and snow

we have some snow in out backyard, and it is so hard to tell the time.

Daily Post – Summer Lovin’

Inkoo (135 of 254) Inkoo (136 of 254) Inkoo (217 of 254) Inkoo (218 of 254) Inkoo (220 of 254)

Summer  – sunshine, sea, breeze, freedom, greenness of woods it and warm weather it must be Summer Lovin’

Silent Sunday – Hello sunshine

bro flowers (27 of 103)


bro flowers (59 of 103)

After a month of cold weather we are enjoying a warm sunny Sunday! Loving it!

The Weekend in Black and White

empty street in Riga

Street with no trafic

More at. Friday, 14th March, 2014.

September afternoon in Linlo island, Kirkkonummi

First it looks very grey, but we enjoy few moments of sunshine in this beautiful island.

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Travel Photo Mondays #13 and ein stück himmel # 90

ein stück himmel # 64

ein stück himmel # 64

it is a piece of heaven – when we have blue skies, “warm” winter weather -2C, no wind…

blue skies... spring blue skies long shadows house by the sea path to the ice ice fishing skiing on ice /sea