MM -3-46 –at the pier

My entry to Monochrome Madness is this photo from Naples Pier in Florida. Great back light outlines the silhouettes clearly.


Mushrooms on a tree stump

micro world-18

I was walking around the forest to find small and interesting plants to photograph… these mushroom were that.

micro world-23micro world-21micro world-35

looking down

Walking around and looking down…taking photos on the ground. Do I not have anything better to do?
These are from my visit to my summer place this year.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Backlit

1-old photos 033-001 1-old photos 033

Here is a woman photographed so that she is back-lit,  nature wow, the effects it can create. Also fashion often looks good with using back light as an effect.

2-bride-253 1-Ritva Sillanmäki-50

A Photo a Week Challenge: Backlit