Vintage Rose

If you had not already guessed this was a theme in my FB photography group in April. Topic was Vintage rose, here are some of my efforts to capture the theme.


Small joy is this too, my office has a new paint and I placed the furniture differently and my space looks different which’s nice. Veikka has moved in with me, taken over the armchair I got for myself. I am rather pleased with the result. The only thing new is the paint and the new area rug. There he lays sleeping and snoring while I write this post. I notice the photos ain’t that great as I just quickly took them with my mobile. I am just lazy.

Clean and tidy

One day spent cleaning and tidying the summer house. First floor is now ready for the next visit.

How to Survive November 2020 – 2

I decided today go out, we have a new library here in Kirkkonummi. I have to say, I was impressed. It was bright, modern with lots of seating areas here and there.

There are so many pictures here from the library that I am going to leave out the old edited photo. This is more than enough content to this post. All and all it is a nice library from the inside, and the copper siding will in turn green eventually.

If you wish to participate in this November beating challenge post your link here PARALLEL lines

How to survive November 2020

It is here the dreariest moth of the year for me here in Northern hemisphere. The whole month is a constant loss of light. Gray. Depressing. I am taking on a theme for this month. Monochrome. Black and White photos all month. I am taking on a challenge of editing one old photos to my best ability to Black and White, plus one new photo a day, hey, you guessed it in Black and White. Do you you want to join me with this theme? If you wish to participate add your link here to LEPIS

This is the First of HTSN- 2020

Happy smile – portrait of a graduate

An old chest of drawers that is in my husbands office, we have several old side boards or bureaus or what ever you call them in our home. My husband lovers to restore them and we have more of them that we have places for them. It is his hobby. My hobby is art, paintings, sculpture and photography, for some reason they are also all around our house. I have placed my sculptures on the one that is in his office ,that I have not found proper places elsewhere, my four refugees and a woman with a book. Our wedding photo is there and so is my oldest sons wedding photo too, side by side. Continuance.

I was too lazy to go out into the grayness, this being the reason for this photo.

if you wish to participate add your link here to LEPIS

Breakfast at Joe’s

Before we left towards our drive to Big Sur we had a nice american breakfast at Joe’s Place in Paso Robles. The owner is a patriot, by the look of the memorabilia and photos on the walls.. Also lot of old movie stars pictures- Ladies room had pictures of old leading men. I did not visit the men’s room, but I heard lovely ladies covered the walls. We do not have these kind of diners/ breakfast places in Finland so this was a rare opportunity to do this kind of breakfast. I was going to skip this part, but my husband let me understand that this should be in the “diary” of our trip.

CB&W – Lighting

I took notice the past week of lighting in few of the places we visited as the topic this week gor CB&W is lighting. Hope you enjoy them.


How to survive November ~20

Mission accomplished

My oh my, laziness!

I have been busy at work and the result from that is,  that I have been lazy at night. Watching television, I know it’s old fashioned, I have to correct myself,  watching Netflix, same but different 🙂 

Well, today I visited a store called Country White, looking for a parting gift. My boss is moving on,  I can’t say I’m happy about it, as she has been a good one. Life goes on… Champagne Coolers was the thing I was looking for and I found one. So mission accomplished.  I found something to take photos of.

MM -3 -47 -Cafe

My entry to Monochrome Madness is this photo from Villa Rullud in Espoo, they have there a cafe that is open once a month on a Sunday.

Winter (48 of 100)

The Barnacle



The Barnacle-18

Interior – Bedroom

Interior shots of a bedroom and closet space

trying to photograph space…and style. What do you think?

Cee’s BW: Toys for kids or adults