Beautiful in Black and White 13

I have a soft spot for black and white photography, I was once again reminded about the importance of exposure, light. It is the key element in these photos.

Roses, they look lovely in black and white


The way that light hits objects, I think, is one of the more important things that sculpture and photography share. – Rashid Johnson

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this has been a different summer not only has it been hot, with hardly any rain. The flowers all bloomed early the nature turned brownish. These are bigger observations. Personally this summer has been challenging, I was five weeks on a sick leave due to a split tendon and a ripped tendon, walking on crutches due to that now for eight weeks making it very hard to take photos unless I am sitting or have my cameraman handy by my side. I am trying to get back to the groove again.

Welcome August…Daisy is one of my favorite flowers, they represent summer to me and as a summer bride 30 years ago I even had them in my bouquet

Picture from the past… if you scrolled this far 🙂

Roses and peonies

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”― Claude Monet

flower bouquet-19

Flower power 3

These are my last photos from my local florist, needed a lift in spirits so I went to photograph the beauty of flowers at a florist as there are none outside for some time.

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Yellow

Yellow color is hard to photograph – and I think,  that only photos I have of yellow are flowers.  .Hopefully you found these pleasing to the eye. They are at least a blast of sunlight here in the constant grayness we are having here in the northern  hemisphere. Flower…to brighten your day. I did find something  else too, a beautiful jacket…in golden yellow.


A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Yellow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Word layers can be interpreted  in so many ways, here are few of mine.

Manmade layers



SONY DSC Old barn (5)

Flowers, leafs on the ground – natures layers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


Yellow roses and leafs

It is a good thing That I took hundreds of rose photos last summer – as I did not have anything yellow to photograph now in macro. Well – yeah – I have a yellow leaf.

yellow rose (2) yellow rose (4) yellow rose (1) yellow rose (3) 1-DSC01708 2-DSC01420



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