this has been a different summer not only has it been hot, with hardly any rain. The flowers all bloomed early the nature turned brownish. These are bigger observations. Personally this summer has been challenging, I was five weeks on a sick leave due to a split tendon and a ripped tendon, walking on crutches due to that now for eight weeks making it very hard to take photos unless I am sitting or have my cameraman handy by my side. I am trying to get back to the groove again.

Welcome August…Daisy is one of my favorite flowers, they represent summer to me and as a summer bride 30 years ago I even had them in my bouquet

Picture from the past… if you scrolled this far 🙂


  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    I wish you a very speedy recovery, my friend. And, yes, here in the UK we are having similar weather, far too hot and humid, very tiring. And I love your wedding photos – wonderful! Adrian 🙂

      • Adrian Lewis says:

        Yes, I’m not sure that – given the chance – that I would want to be young again – and the more so when I see the stresses and pressure that young people are now under here in the UK, with social media, celebrity culture, self-image and the like. Like you, I’m happy to be where I am now. 🙂

  2. Not the way you want to be spending the summer! And not to be able to swim in this ‘helle’…I feel for you! But I hope you will be fully recovered soon.

    I also love daisies – so simple yet so beautiful and cheerful.

    Does your husband have his roots in Karelia, by any chance? He shares some resemblances to my husband’s family. Interesting 🙂

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