Rautakautinen uhrikivi / Iron age sacrificial stone

Ruuhijarvi-186 Ruuhijarvi-188

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: stump of a tree

This weekend we spent most of our time clearing the woods behind our house, this stump of a tree once again shows natures own art,  if you look closely.

Oddly beautiful detail don’t you think?

RS 2014 5-11-87 RS 2014 5-11-90


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Word layers can be interpreted  in so many ways, here are few of mine.

Manmade layers



SONY DSC Old barn (5)

Flowers, leafs on the ground – natures layers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Red & Green

Värikollaasi 123

Värikollaasi 123 Värikollaasi 123 Värikollaasi 123


picstory # 90 – sun


Sunsets in Sri lanka.


Makroviikko 96

Makroviikko 96

POHJA / sole, base, bottom

sole, pohja


picstory # 85 – M

picstory # 85 – M

Money makes the world go round, world go round

Money euro euros

Sunny winter day

Bicycle riders Bicycle riders Bicycle riders kids horse ride kids trees Helsinki

colors of spring 2013 # 1

colors of spring 2013 # 1

Yellow  flower Yellow  flower spring

Värikollaasi 115

Värikollaasi 115

värikollaasi 115 Värikollaasi 115

Tones on Tuesday #64 2.5.13

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ein stück himmel # 57

Winter in the woods looks lovely in the sunlight

More  at:

ein stück himmel # 57

winter in the woods winter in the woods winter in the woods winter in the woods winter in the woods winter in the woods winter in the woods

Värikollaasi 111

Värikollaasi 111

Three Muses  STRIPES

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i heart macro

i heart macro

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ein stück himmel # 54 / Skywatch Friday, Season 6, Episode 27

ein stück himmel # 54

Skywatch Friday, Season 6, Episode 27

These images were taken this morning and one in the evening in Helsinki…no light in the morning ( 8:00) when going to work, and no light when coming home(17:00).

morning 8.15 morning 8-10 morning 8 evening skates in Helsinki

New Beginnings!

 Live birds are purchased in the market and to be are released for cosmic merit. Thai people believe that emissions are released in live birds and fish. Releasing them you  are considered for forgiveness. Or so we were told by the locals.

While visiting a small island in Koh Yao Noi we saw these men in the market buying “forgiveness” a new beginning…

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The beautiful colors and textures of rocks

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