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Today is supposedly the last day of summer according to article I read in the paper. The rains are coming down on us from tomorrow. Lets see what happens…

But in the mean while here is a photo I want to share. I am starting my fall by taking on painting again and I will also start to study / do sculpture after few years of doing nothing on either of these hobbies of mine. And the photo – I thought I would use this photo as an inspiration on my first painting.

New Year

I have no skill to take photos of fireworks, but I was able to capture some shots that make good ” artsy photos” of light – well that what I  would like to think anyways


Stanley Park – Vancouver

I Spent a day in Stanley Park In Vancouver – it is a beautiful park – living room of people in Vancouver? here are photos of it and from it…art, sports, boats, weddings, gardens and nature


Vancouver, Stanley park-147 Vancouver, Stanley park-155 Vancouver, Stanley park-153 Vancouver, Stanley park-274 Vancouver, Stanley park-158 Vancouver, Stanley park-169 Vancouver, Stanley park-270 Vancouver, Stanley park-161 Vancouver, Stanley park-175 Vancouver, Stanley park-172 Vancouver, Stanley park-265 Vancouver, Stanley park-174 Vancouver, Stanley park-183 Vancouver, Stanley park-199 Vancouver, Stanley park-208 Vancouver, Stanley park-210 Vancouver, Stanley park-215 Vancouver, Stanley park-233 Vancouver, Stanley park-260 Vancouver, Stanley park-239 Vancouver, Stanley park-242 Vancouver, Stanley park-279 Vancouver, Stanley park-261 Vancouver, Stanley park-262 Vancouver, Stanley park-282 Vancouver, Stanley park-284 vancouver, Stanley park-346 Vancouver, Stanley park-320 Vancouver, Stanley park-323 Vancouver, Stanley park-294 vancouver, Stanley park-332 vancouver, Stanley park-339 Vancouver, Stanley park-293

Winter Theme continues_Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers – NOW

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Now!

I took these few days previous the challenge- but this week has been so dark and wet that no photos worth showing have come my way. Hope I’m in the challenge even if I took them

few day prior the challenge 🙂

Bench  Bench Bench Read more

Värikollaasi 107 – Golden glow

Värikollaasi 107

I tried to do these still in the spirit of the season. I have not altered the tones in the photos…trying to be true to the challenge and find the real colors in the photos!

Wishing everyone Happy New Year 2013!

värikollaasi 107 Read more

Silence chapel of Kamppi

Silence chapel of Kamppi



Between two of the city’s main shopping malls, and the iconic 1930’s Lasipalatsi building, this circular wooden structure is a surprisingly bold architectural statement in one of the busiest parts of Helsinki. Designed by the studio K25 (consisting of three young architects) the awarded building is a site for meditation, its plain minimalist form inviting quiet reflection.

Made out of Finnish timber, the design shows great sensibility for the use of local materials. Without side windows light falls from above through an oval gap around the ceiling, creating a sense of calmness. The chapel demonstrates how contemporary architecture at its best can fascinate and inspire. It is one of the true centerpieces of the WDC 2012 program. (CNN)