I wonder where dreams come from… from where from the subconscious the images, come from

This morning I woke from a dream, a color one, where I was with people, lots of subtle conversation around the place all trying to make a bid on a painting. It was a man in the field with a scythe cutting crops of wheat, In my mind I saw the long curved blade at the end of a long pole. Blue sky in the background…autumn landscape from the countryside. In my dream the the words scythe and crop came up often, but the conversation in the back was vague. We could not find a resolution who was going to own this piece of art.

I woke, and called out to my hubby in the next room, he had already started in work day in his office (not a long distance to go to work, as it is located next to our bedroom)

-Do you remember… telling him about the picture in my mind – have we had a poster a LP or something like this…in my mind I had a name – Tom Petty – I did not voice it.

He remembered that we had the Southern Accents LP in our vinyls , it is the sixth studio album by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, kid you not, the image I had in my dream was , the cover art for the album Southern Accents.

I love the way he is able to pick up my idea, what I am searching for subtle hints that i randomly tell him and give me my answers to the music questions I have…well this time cover art ..

The thing is, I have not looked at this LP or listened to Tom Petty lately, thought I have often done so in the past, but recently not so much, not at all really.

Where did this memory come from, why, it was so vivid..

So that is my question for today… where to dreams come from, is there a meaning reason for them. Why am I thinking of harvest, art, scythe in the middle of winter.

Something personal

Some ranting from a blogger who usually does not share that much personal staff other than photographs, that also tell a story about a woman who is happy and has a positive outlook on life. I still do have a positive attitude, in spite of this post.

Thanks me at work – the old fart

I think this is the most I’ve written about me personally about what I do, or did for a living. I have tried not to be a bore, but why not share. I have nothing to loose or be ashamed off, not an employer or a co-worker to to take offence of my opinions.

So I have a dream, of seeing far away places, sunset and sunrises, new experiences and being able to work to support myself.

It is a good thing. I am not going to let this thing get me down, make my bitter or loose hope.

I am a middle aged woman, with a dream, even though I know it won’t come true, it is still a dream. I would love to earn from my art and photographs.

Or getting a job. I have been unemployed for a 18 months and not a job in site for a woman of my age. Covid-19 is also a factor, but a small one compared to age discrimination. I am being put into my own reference bloc; not innovative enough, too expensive, too much experience, too much wrinkles (no I know that is not the issue)it is the age factor.

Also in Finland, it seems to be impossible to get a assistant, coordinator or office work position if you do not have a degree from a Vocational university also known as university of applied sciences. I don’t have that, I have hands on experience since 1990’s, only 30 years, but now days it does not account for nothing ( she says bitterly 🙂 )

Covid-19 made it nearly impossible for anyone to get employed, in Finland 60% of the workforce worked from home. And in is still an ongoing thing. it is time consuming, job applying for jobs, The CV is ready, but writing a letter to go with is so hard when basically all you wish is to get a job and you have to sell yourself in in every letter, but also trying to tell them why you want to work for them… really. I want a job, I do not have a five year plans etc. I don’t care that much which sector they are in, I want to use the skills I have and earn a living.

Still dreaming of far away places,