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Some ranting from a blogger who usually does not share that much personal staff other than photographs, that also tell a story about a woman who is happy and has a positive outlook on life. I still do have a positive attitude, in spite of this post.

Thanks me at work – the old fart

I think this is the most I’ve written about me personally about what I do, or did for a living. I have tried not to be a bore, but why not share. I have nothing to loose or be ashamed off, not an employer or a co-worker to to take offence of my opinions.

So I have a dream, of seeing far away places, sunset and sunrises, new experiences and being able to work to support myself.

It is a good thing. I am not going to let this thing get me down, make my bitter or loose hope.

I am a middle aged woman, with a dream, even though I know it won’t come true, it is still a dream. I would love to earn from my art and photographs.

Or getting a job. I have been unemployed for a 18 months and not a job in site for a woman of my age. Covid-19 is also a factor, but a small one compared to age discrimination. I am being put into my own reference bloc; not innovative enough, too expensive, too much experience, too much wrinkles (no I know that is not the issue)it is the age factor.

Also in Finland, it seems to be impossible to get a assistant, coordinator or office work position if you do not have a degree from a Vocational university also known as university of applied sciences. I don’t have that, I have hands on experience since 1990’s, only 30 years, but now days it does not account for nothing ( she says bitterly 🙂 )

Covid-19 made it nearly impossible for anyone to get employed, in Finland 60% of the workforce worked from home. And in is still an ongoing thing. it is time consuming, job applying for jobs, The CV is ready, but writing a letter to go with is so hard when basically all you wish is to get a job and you have to sell yourself in in every letter, but also trying to tell them why you want to work for them… really. I want a job, I do not have a five year plans etc. I don’t care that much which sector they are in, I want to use the skills I have and earn a living.

Still dreaming of far away places,

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  1. Ah, Ritva,I do feel for you….stay positive! I had to give up work over a decade ago because of my health, and have to say it is a blessing not to have to be looking for a job during these times. I used to wonder how I would manage, but somehow I do, and I stay positive largely because of the friends I have….

    1. Thanks Sue, I am basically fine, I just get frustrated, I still have nearly 10years until retirement age and seems that I am not going to get anything, hoping I am wrong. Friends and family are so important, I know I have things good compared to any people.

  2. So much truth in your ‘rant’ Ritva. I retired a couple weeks before Covid became a thing. There were subtle (and not so subtle) comments about my age. I stayed and smiled. A month after I retired, my company laid off 30% of the workforce–age did not have a thing to do with the layoffs. I worry about my former co-workers finding work that they like, using skills they already have. Not everything needs a degree! Hands on experience counts for so much more, and I think employers are foolish not to realize that.

  3. I think you have wonderful skills and it’s just a matter of finding the right place and the people who care about ability and results rather than other factors Perhaps in this day and age you could work someone other than Finland while still living there. Thanks for sharing this. I’m happy to get to know you better and to know that you still have a positive attitude. Let us know how things go, would you? ❤


      1. I understand completely. I home schooled our two daughters through high school as well as had my own little personal training business, but when friends got together and talked about their jobs, I always felt a bit awkward. Even though my husband and all our friends supported the home schooling, it wasn’t something that felt like what they all discussed. 🙂

  4. Ritva – I am glad you ripped this off your shoulders and wrote about it. I know there are many in your situation…but that does not help of course. Times will change, I believe, and skills and hands on knowledge will be searched after again. In Sweden, and I guess everywhere in the world, artists are having tough times. Everyone has, but maybe artists are having more problems than many others. The university grades and diplomas are much wanted here as well…but one thing I have learned through my youngsters is: Go to the place where you would like to work – just walk in and present yourself directly. Tell them what you are able to do and what you are willing to learn! I know so many people who have done this, and walked out the door with a contract. It is worth a try! Contacts also means a great deal of course.
    Wishing you the best of luck and everything good, Ritva!

    1. Funny, I am sure I answered this earlier, but apparently not. The thing is at the moment, all offices are empty. I just went through a interview process (160 applicants, I was in the top 5, but still unemployed.) three people interviewed me all virtually by zoom. So much for personal contact. As I stated 60% of all people in Finland are working from home… it might be slightly less at the moment, still nearly all office workers are. I am a huge fan of personal contact, but all are done by forms, not even emails anymore. So the world changes.

      1. The world changes…really. You wrote 60% but it seems almost everyone then…Hope stands for a change again. Fingers crossed you will find a job soon despite everything!

  5. Ritva, my friend, it is very good to see a picture of you >>> but I do feel for you in your quest to get employment – one thing you say rings very true – “too much experience”. I can really understand what you’re going through because I’ve had the same experience – when I returned from Kenya to the UK in 1989. I had been lecturing at university there (geology) and then had gone into the safari business, leading clients on safaris. Back in the UK, no one wanted to know, I made over 100 job applications – desperate to get money for my family – before finding a data and statistics job with a local authority in 1993.

    And of course covid has made everything worse now. I can only wish you luck, my friend, and advise you to keep going. I very much understand how difficult it is – and especially your mention of having to “sell yourself” in every application letter. The other thing is – keep up photography and other art, they will help keep you bright and sane. Take care! Adrian 🙂

    1. yes, it is odd that it is a flaw. How can you be too experienced I would consider it an asset. they say, you would be looking for a higher position, you would not be happy… as they know how I feel. I have worked as an executive assistant, Administration and HR manager, a cashier, cleaner, in a cafe… even these position require a school certificate… It is what it is. still have 9 good years before retirement, maybe I will be hired one day.

      1. Yes, I was told that, if they employed me, I’d soon be looking for a higher position too – when I was simply desperate just to get a job; and also that having worked in the open air on safaris, that I wouldn’t be comfortable enclosed in an office! I wish you good luck, my friend, I wish you the very best of luck. And stay safe too! 🙂

  6. Can I make a suggestion, perhaps your own online business? Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping maybe? What ever you decide, I wish you all the best tho hon 🙂

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