On the road

To start with he photos were not all that good, but I liked the light in them, so I made the in to art.

Same road, photos taken right after each other, so the light is little different, I used two different brushes to get a different outcome by thete texture.


Today is supposedly the last day of summer according to article I read in the paper. The rains are coming down on us from tomorrow. Lets see what happens…

But in the mean while here is a photo I want to share. I am starting my fall by taking on painting again and I will also start to study / do sculpture after few years of doing nothing on either of these hobbies of mine. And the photo – I thought I would use this photo as an inspiration on my first painting.

Värikollaasit – Mustikka





Värikollaasi 110

Värikollaasi 110

I found it hard to find this color, so here are some I tried, first is a picture of one of my paintings, the second is my neighbors dog,  last one is a stamp collection

Oyester grey Continue reading “Värikollaasi 110”