129 Värikollaasi


129  värokollasi värikollaasi 129

Värikollaasit 129-133 link to more color collageshedelma_zps47d6612e (1)

Värikollaasi 114

Värikollaasi 114

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Värikollaasi 110

Värikollaasi 110

I found it hard to find this color, so here are some I tried, first is a picture of one of my paintings, the second is my neighbors dog,  last one is a stamp collection

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Värikollaasi 106 – Purple Orchid

Värikollaasi 106

värilollaasi 106-MUSE

Joulun extrahaaste: Xmas Photomontage

Tee oma “joulukortti” -kollaasi. / your own Xmas card

xmas card

Open door

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.” –John Barrymore Continue reading “Open door”