I have been watching these to dog friends play if not daily, then weekly. Looking at them from my office window. They are big, but still puppies and enjoying themselves playing in the snow. This time I decided I will take photos of them. Cute, aren’t they?

How to survive November 2020-23

Maukka the dog

Maukka the dog is waiting for some treats at the table as we prepare to sit down for coffee. The look of yearning…I have one too, waiting for this to be over and start to live a the “new” normal life. so wishing this was over. I am sure not the only one with this one, maybe I should write to Santa?

Maukka The Dog

Keeping up with todays animal theme here is our backyard visitor snatching our rope from our old oak tree swing


If you wish to participate in this survival of the darkest month challenge, use this link to add your post to it. PARALLEL LINES

CB&W – Dock

this week the the topic is at CB&W Challenge, Words that end in “ock” I am taking the easy way out with this one. Dock. It is a place I love to sit at… this is one day at at dock enjoying coffee.

At the end of the dock

How to survive November ~10

Pets, big or small to give you affection. Odin came on my lap to have a nap at my friends party. I got to enjoy some views from the 16th floor and nice beverages during the evening… no complaining on this November night


WPC – Friend

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Orange



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Värikollaasi 110

Värikollaasi 110

I found it hard to find this color, so here are some I tried, first is a picture of one of my paintings, the second is my neighbors dog,  last one is a stamp collection

Oyester grey Continue reading “Värikollaasi 110”