I have been watching these to dog friends play if not daily, then weekly. Looking at them from my office window. They are big, but still puppies and enjoying themselves playing in the snow. This time I decided I will take photos of them. Cute, aren’t they?

14 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. Dogs and children delight in playing in the snow (at least dogs with nice furry coats and children properly dressed). We always enjoyed going out with the girls when they were little and we lived in Ohio in the snow belt. My husband used to build enormous snow walls with them by packing snow into a large rectangular container and making snow “bricks.”

        1. I was a teacher before I got married and our school only had full time kindergarten, which I think is ridiculous. So we kept our older daughter home for kindergarten and got so much more done in some much less time and had so much fun that we just kept on going. 🙂

  2. So cute – I have Milo’s girlfriend here this week, so they too play around in the snow – and everywhere!

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