52 Frames, Week 7: Unexplored!

I had to struggle with this, as the weather did not in anyway give any reason to want to go and explore. It was a really wet week, there was slush everywhere, angle deep in places. It has been raining or snowing most of the time, not my kind of weather.

The great unknown – it’s often a good idea to visit new places and experience new things. That’s why this week, we’re encouraging you to take shots of places hitherto Unexplored.

You can find new places and experiences wherever you are – in a bustling city or an idyllic rural setting and everything in between. Take a moment to think about what you want your image to portray – excitement, beauty, nostalgia or even something poignant. Since you’re likely going to be in a new place, do be patient with yourself and the surroundings.

Well, one place near by saved me, it was not totally unexplored as I have been there once before. It is only a little white lie..

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