my Tinka

I am not having much luck lately, the flu is still hanging on, not much , but annoying little cough continues.

Then last week – well five days ago, while sitting at morning coffee, i moved a bit and, snap, something went wrong, I bent like a jackknife, I could not straighten my back. Well I am in a upright position now, but sitting in a chair is impossible and walking is pain. So having said that, I have no taken many photos this week.

I did take photos of Tinka one day…

She has such nice green eyes

Tinka is the sweetest little cat.

Something I noticed #32

Something I noticed is back, odd shots of ranbom things.

Looking for the changes autumn brings, I had my Tinka cat follow me like a puppy. So here are two shots of my lovely little Tinka 🙀


Sweet little Tinka

My cat Tinka captured in black and white. She is so pretty!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

– Charles Dickens

“There is something about the presence of a cat… that seems to take the bite out of being alone.” – Louis J. Camuti

Alert to…

Tinka was alert to the approaching steps, but it was only me with my camera.


We have a new bedspread in this rich rich burgundy color, I liked how the color reflected to Tinka’s face in these photos.

A hug

Here I still am, sitting at my computer even though I am thinking that I should go out. So to be very quick I am giving you a virtual feel good hug.

My cats hugging

How to survive November 2020-13

Silver and a pearl

It’s half past three in the afternoon and it’s dusk already, so here is some dim bling for this Friday.

If you wish to participate in this survival of the darkest month challenge, use this link to add your post to it. PARALLEL LINES

Silver and a pearl in color

A old photo of this cute 🙂 cat to bring smile to your face, hopefully gloom expression does not effect you. This was one not so happy cat in pet store.

How to survive November~23

Ever so happy to have pets. My cats are saving me at the moment. I took my camera for an outing today, but to get photos out of the camera, let’s nitpick, from the memory card is the problem. Veikka, my beautiful white cat came to save the day. A cat in a Box. We have dressed a cardboard box with an old t- shirt in a our hall,  funnily enough,  our cats enjoy it. 

How to survive November ~ 21

Thursday, was slightly colder and for the first time I took my winter coat on. This way I did not have to have so many layers of clothing on. Life is surprising, it’s always unpredictable, sometimes in a good way, other times not so much. The same applies to the weather. Were am I going with this… no idea. Here is my photo of the day. Tinka to the rescue

How to survive November 2017 – 21

I am getting My new computer tomorrow setup as my son is coming to do it for me. I am not technically savvy so its a blessing to have someone in the family who is. I have not been able to do anything with it for a week. One more from my phone



I was taking Minimalist photos and my beautiful Veikka cat came to pose for me. Four slightly different edits…all create a new look for the photo or not 🙂 Are these photos minimalist, what do you think?

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Watch

I have been watching this kitty of ours, Tinka,  a lot, her watching the surrounding.  Tinka  and Veikka bonding…it is so sweet:-)

You can Click the photos  to enlarge them.

more at:  A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Watch

I Heart Macro Week 34 – Veikka the cat

I Heart Macro Week 34

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item or the Number One

only one cat in a photo


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item or the Number One

CATS – Sisko and Veikka

veikka Continue reading “CATS – Sisko and Veikka”