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How to survive November~23

Ever so happy to have pets. My cats are saving me at the moment. I took my camera for an outing today, but to get photos out of the camera, let’s nitpick, from the memory card is the problem. Veikka, my beautiful white cat came to save the day. A cat in a Box. We have dressed a cardboard box with an old t- shirt in a our hall,  funnily enough,  our cats enjoy it. 

How to survive November ~ 21

Thursday, was slightly colder and for the first time I took my winter coat on. This way I did not have to have so many layers of clothing on. Life is surprising, it’s always unpredictable, sometimes in a good way, other times not so much. The same applies to the weather. Were am I going with this… no idea. Here is my photo of the day. Tinka to the rescue

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Watch

I have been watching this kitty of ours, Tinka,  a lot, her watching the surrounding.  Tinka  and Veikka bonding…it is so sweet:-)

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