my Tinka

I am not having much luck lately, the flu is still hanging on, not much , but annoying little cough continues.

Then last week – well five days ago, while sitting at morning coffee, i moved a bit and, snap, something went wrong, I bent like a jackknife, I could not straighten my back. Well I am in a upright position now, but sitting in a chair is impossible and walking is pain. So having said that, I have no taken many photos this week.

I did take photos of Tinka one day…

She has such nice green eyes

Tinka is the sweetest little cat.

Alert to…

Tinka was alert to the approaching steps, but it was only me with my camera.


We have a new bedspread in this rich rich burgundy color, I liked how the color reflected to Tinka’s face in these photos.

A hug

Here I still am, sitting at my computer even though I am thinking that I should go out. So to be very quick I am giving you a virtual feel good hug.

My cats hugging

March 30

Today in Helsinki  we saw an unusual sight in Hernesaari,  a small seal was on the shore. There were lots of people gathered around it. Looking and wondering  and taking lots of pictures of it.  I hope this little thing is able to reunite with it’s mother (dam?) when the people are not there. I just heard that people got too close to it, even petted it, so the firefighters ended up taking it to Korkeasaari a zoo in Helsinki.

Lady Gouldian finch

I saw this lovely bird and was also able to capture it at Butterfly world in MiamiLady Gouldian finch.jpg


We stopped at Old Bahia Bridge, my husband saw this lizard on the edge and I was able to lean over and take pictures.




We got very lucky, we took a air boat ride in the everglades and in the natural habitat we spotted several alligators, one lifted its head  right next to the boat and me- I kind of jumped a bit… but I was also able to spot this alligator with a baby on on it. Experience to remember. everglades-alligators-4

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item or the Number One

only one cat in a photo


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item or the Number One

CATS – Sisko and Veikka

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