Today in Helsinki  we saw an unusual sight in Hernesaari,  a small seal was on the shore. There were lots of people gathered around it. Looking and wondering  and taking lots of pictures of it.  I hope this little thing is able to reunite with it’s mother (dam?) when the people are not there. I just heard that people got too close to it, even petted it, so the firefighters ended up taking it to Korkeasaari a zoo in Helsinki.


  1. solaner says:

    It’s a young (adolescent) grey seal. They are born during winter (October – end of January) all around the north sea and the northern Atlantic. When born, they have a white fur which is not usable for swimming. After about 4 week, they change fur. They are fed by their mother for only 3 – max 4 weeks. During this short time, they grow enormously.
    You can see, the little guy is young. But, no mother is missing her 😦
    A few more details can be found in my blog:

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