summer 2023 – 1

June, summer is here even though the temperatures are not that high. Nature is giving us its best that’s for sure.

Birds, not my expertise at all, sometimes I get a nice shot, but sometimes is the thing as I do not have the equipment to get the spot on shots. I found these as I went through my archive for this challenge Birds feeding and drinking

I found these as I went through my archive NPC #15: Birds feeding and drinking

Sacred Ibis

I am rather happy with this first capture of a Sacred Ibis, I saw In Sydney, Australia at our visit there: I named this post first, A Stork, it is in fact a Sacred Ibis I was kindly informed. So correction is in order.

Valley of Fire~5

my last post, for now , from Valley of fire. I thought we could do with a splash of warm orange hues, sunshine and warmth that has been in these photos. Sorry for the overload. This also works as my diary I gather my memories here. So these are smaller details, textures from this location and a bird and a lizard.

Double-crested Cormorant


 Double-crested Cormorant in a tree at Wakodahatchee Wetland

Lady Gouldian finch

I saw this lovely bird and was also able to capture it at Butterfly world in MiamiLady Gouldian finch.jpg

Wednesday around the world – Vääksy

I visited as small town of Vääksy. The main attraction there is Vääksy channel  or also known as Vesijärvenkatu channel, it is located in Asikkala. The channel that connects the Vesijärvi lake to Päijänne lake. The  Vääksy channel is currently Finland’s busiest boating channel.The channel has only one seal. The water surface height difference of about three meters.  The channel is surrounded by the town of Vääksy.

The main photo is the bird pic, as I hardly ever am able get photos of them or presentable pics at l east.
vääksy- Ritva Sillanmäki (14 of 75)vääksy- Ritva Sillanmäki (20 of 75)

Pieni Lintu

Arctic Loon – Kuikka

I am never, or hardly ever  able to take a photo of a bird, I did today. I went to shoot clouds and lakes and as a bonus I got these shots of the arctic loon.

1. loon
2. diver
3. specifically black-throated diver
4. black-throated diver
5. black-throated loon
6. Black-throated Diver/

Arctic Loon

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found In Nature

as I am nearsighted, I rarely see bugs, and I usually do not have the patience to photograph birds…at least small ones. These I found ( read saw….) in the nature.
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