Sacred Ibis

I am rather happy with this first capture of a Sacred Ibis, I saw In Sydney, Australia at our visit there: I named this post first, A Stork, it is in fact a Sacred Ibis I was kindly informed. So correction is in order.

Valley of Fire~5

my last post, for now , from Valley of fire. I thought we could do with a splash of warm orange hues, sunshine and warmth that has been in these photos. Sorry for the overload. This also works as my diary I gather my memories here. So these are smaller details, textures from this location and a bird and a lizard.

January 2

Pelican (11 of 14)

Not the loveliest looking bird, the Pelican , but it sure has a presence you cannot ignore.


Double-crested Cormorant


 Double-crested Cormorant in a tree at Wakodahatchee Wetland

Lady Gouldian finch

I saw this lovely bird and was also able to capture it at Butterfly world in MiamiLady Gouldian finch.jpg

Daily Post – PHOTO CHALLENGE – Serenity

A Photo a Week Challenge: Patience

These two things require patience, so for that reason I do not fish. I rarely take photos of birds for the same reason, this time I got lucky.

kumianmylly  (106 of 184) kumianmylly  (107 of 184) kumianmylly  (108 of 184) kumianmylly  (105 of 184) kumianmylly  (110 of 184) kumianmylly  (117 of 184)-2

more pictures on this topic at: A Photo a Week Challenge: Patience

Arctic Loon – Kuikka

I am never, or hardly ever  able to take a photo of a bird, I did today. I went to shoot clouds and lakes and as a bonus I got these shots of the arctic loon.

1. loon
2. diver
3. specifically black-throated diver
4. black-throated diver
5. black-throated loon
6. Black-throated Diver/

Arctic Loon

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Found In Nature

as I am nearsighted, I rarely see bugs, and I usually do not have the patience to photograph birds…at least small ones. These I found ( read saw….) in the nature.
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