February 20

Florida shots (463 of 2035)Sunset witnessed from behind the cruise ships blogging most of it view at Key West in Florida.

February 19

it is a cols sunny winter day here in the north, so it is nice to remember the warm, windy and cloudy days from the holiday. It makes a good photo. At the dock near Key West.pier2

January 24

Some history, we visited Hemingway’s house. Here’s few shots from there.

January 2

Pelican (11 of 14)

Not the loveliest looking bird, the Pelican , but it sure has a presence you cannot ignore.


January 1

As I few posts back  I said, that I will start this year with sunshine and fond memories of my last visit to Florida until my new visit, where I will create new sunny memories. I love the sun, beaches, ocean. Nature. Trees, birds, butterflies.  I am not a winter person even though I live here in the north. Lets sail into the sunset!

We ended the year in blue and white tones, Lets start this year of wit a splash of warm colors.

Key West, Florida-16

After the sunset Pelican sunset

The muted colors after sunset in Key West. The Pelican nicely gives the photos new aspect. Pelican sunset ?



Sunset Point, Key West

We spent time at sunset point in Key West prior the sunset enjoying the entertainment by various artist and acts.

Sunset at Key West

I’m back from my holiday, totally enjoyed the beautiful weather in Florida. We saw lots and lots of wonderful things, met lovely people and enjoyed time spent with friends. Holiday…already waiting forward to the next one.

Nature, birds, animals, butterflies …I have tons of pictures to go through. I will start with this one of a sunset in Key West – more of this will be coming your way.key-west-sunset-86