How to survive November 2020-7


Reflections are beautiful, I tried it as B&W and I have to admit, it’s not as bad as I thought it could be, because the different shades of gray and movement that is in the photo.

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Reflections of reeds

My old photo compare is from San Francisco, last year I think Cityscape turns well in to B&W images

How to survive November 2020-6


Kivenlahti seaside was grey, as I was taking a walk there searching for gray, which is a topic of a month in a Photography FB group I am in. I saw this boat being left in to the reeds. I thought that might make a great B&W shot. So here it is.

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As many of you asked if I was happy with the outcome to the hair salon, well this is the outcome

New Edits #7

Negombo Beach

I have very fond memories of our visit to Negombo in Sri Lanka. This was taken on the beach in front of our hotel. During the day the sand was so hot, but in the evening so nice and warm under your feet.

New Edits #6

Rusty boat

This is was taken in Thailand in Phuket, this a damaged vessel from the tsunami. Rust looks good in photos,not that this vessel is going to sail anymore.

CB&W – made of wood

I adore B&W photos so this week the topic at CB&W is things made of wood. Here is my contribution to this topic.

Paper – made out of wood
Cardboard – made out of wood
Wooden staircase
Handcrafted wooden boat in India
Wooden church walls in the hearth of Helsinki

MM 4-9: Monochrome Madness

Here is my post for  MM 4-9: Monochrome Madness  a detail from a boat and spiderweb

HEL 170617-3

Night time

Chapora River (173)

I do love boats, sunsets, reflections, colors and I like this photo.It has all those things in it.

Fishing boat

I love the sea, river, lakes. I also love boats- you will see few post of them too as I unsravel my photos from my trip to  India.  Here is one fishing boat getting ready to sail away, as in previous post the sunset gives these photos a nice soft look

Chapora River (5)Chapora River (22)Chapora River (23)

Boat on dry land

This fishing boat on dry land looked photographable to me as the setting sun gave it a nice glow.

Chapora River (9)


Fishermen in Thailand, returning to the harbour. All photos can be enlarged by a click.

One Word Photo Challenge: Scarlet

Untitled-1 These book covers, red currants, and the boat  are all scarlet. The red currant is for an other post but it suited this so well.

NF Inspiring Photography – Catching light on the water

Inkoo (67 of 254)

NF Inspiring Photography 101 – Catching light

Breakfast time




Breakfast this morning…blueberrypie, coffee and great view. Don’t mind the weather, it is summer,  so outside you go…there are always blankets.

Pieni Lintu

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sepia Tones

I think Sepia colors works well with old buildings and things – and portraits.




2-DSC04857 1-Ritva's Photos (21 of 152)



More tones at: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sepia Tones

The Weekend in Black and White

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC 12-Oregon coastline - one lighthouse and an other-196

Friday, 22nd November,2013.