How to survive November 2020-6


Kivenlahti seaside was grey, as I was taking a walk there searching for gray, which is a topic of a month in a Photography FB group I am in. I saw this boat being left in to the reeds. I thought that might make a great B&W shot. So here it is.

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As many of you asked if I was happy with the outcome to the hair salon, well this is the outcome

9 thoughts on “How to survive November 2020-6

  1. I like it in B&W but I really like it better in color as the boat stands out more. I think your hair turned out great. Do you like it? I finally resorted to trimming mine by myself after watching several online videos. It turned out pretty well, although at some point I’ll have to find a stylist here.


    1. yes I like it, I cut about 10cm of the length and turned from rather reddish blond to this. I thinh this is rather stylish , even if I say so myself :-D. I have only cut my bangs myself, LOL, so good for you.

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