Old Edits – Beautiful light

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Small boats

As you can assume as we are on the river, there is bound to be boats of all kinds there, and I took photos of them. I loved how the morning light showed beautiful color reflections on the water
Goa India, Chapora River (29)Goa India, Chapora River (32)-2

Fishing boat

I love the sea, river, lakes. I also love boats- you will see few post of them too as I unsravel my photos from my trip to  India.  Here is one fishing boat getting ready to sail away, as in previous post the sunset gives these photos a nice soft look

Chapora River (5)Chapora River (22)Chapora River (23)

Boat on dry land

This fishing boat on dry land looked photographable to me as the setting sun gave it a nice glow.

Chapora River (9)