Sunset at Goa

Chapora River sunset

I have to say this is one of the most memorable sunset I’ve witnessed. Chapora River sunset in India.

New Edits – watching the ships go by

We watches ships pass us by from early morning to the dusk. They were a beautiful sight.

Old Edits -Colorful shore

Chapora river morning (30 of 68)

In my memories I am Still at Chapora river in India. the colorful houses, boats, they fit. Here in Finland I think these colors look too bright, vibrant,  but over there…just perfect. I took so many photos of these fishing boat. Most likely you will be, enough is enough.Chapora river morning (31 of 68)Chapora river morning (29 of 68)

Old Edits – Beautiful light

Chapora river morning (34 of 68).jpg

Old Edits – Good morning

We took a ride on a river boat on Chapora river in India.
After having slept in a nice cabin, in the morning i woke to find the crew sleeping on the floor.Chapora river morning (9 of 68)

Searching for the

as we slided smoothly on the river that is known for it crocodile we kept lookeng at the river banks to see on an hopefully capture on. We saw three, but only one I was able o get on film. Not the best of picture, still. As we were loooking for the crocodiles, I did take lots of nice green shots of trees and reflections. well at least I like to think so…

Small boats

As you can assume as we are on the river, there is bound to be boats of all kinds there, and I took photos of them. I loved how the morning light showed beautiful color reflections on the water
Goa India, Chapora River (29)Goa India, Chapora River (32)-2

Kerala Style boats at Chapora river

These boats are so beautifully crafted so I am sharing few more photos of them as seen from abroad one of them

Sunset at river Chapora

It was a beautiful calm evening, the sun was slowly setting to horizon. The colors were just amazing ,  only few more minutes before the final settingChapora River (83)Chapora River (86)Chapora River (78)Chapora River (90)Chapora River (100)nutes.

Palm trees

Chapora River (34)

Palm trees prior sunset (top) and after sunset. The colors and tones  are so differentChapora River (69)

Fishing boat

I love the sea, river, lakes. I also love boats- you will see few post of them too as I unsravel my photos from my trip to  India.  Here is one fishing boat getting ready to sail away, as in previous post the sunset gives these photos a nice soft look

Chapora River (5)Chapora River (22)Chapora River (23)

Boat on dry land

This fishing boat on dry land looked photographable to me as the setting sun gave it a nice glow.

Chapora River (9)

Tree in Chapora river

Chapora River (54)-2

Chapora River is a river in northern Goa, India. It runs westward into the Arabian sea at Chapora and demarcates the border between the North Goa talukas of Pernem and Bardez. I took a cruise there and this one is from there taken at sunset. Several posts following this will be from there.