Sunny Sunday

We have had rather gray and rainy September, the forecast was predicting that to this weekend also so we decided to stay at home. But no, rather we had a nice weather, Sunday particularly was lovely.

These are my sunny Sunday shots.

High waters

We have had a long weekend at the summer house, five days of sunshine and joys of spring. Rest for the arm and also to the mind. I can tell you, that I have been outside most of the time. Joy of the new season! I had my son with his family with us there so it was very lively as small boys and big boys enjoyed the barbecue and soccer and walks in the nature. Laugh, screams, fights, all emotions were to be seen and heard.

Here are few shots from this visit. Nature is not at its best at the moment, but the beginning of nature’s bloom to the beauty of spring can be sensed in the singing of the birds, the open waters and the croaks or is the work ribbiting of frogs. The water in the lakes and rivers is very high

Salajoki, Nastola, Lahti
of to see the bunnies 🙂

Spring day in Monochrome

The sky was blue, the shadows long and the wind was so cold. I thought nature shots could look great in monochrome as the light and shadows give the photos nice contrast. Also the trees are leafless so they are more structured and might look better in a way. I my previous post from this same location the photos are in color. The feeling is so different in these.

Ripples on the water
Rowing boat

Spring day

Few days back we had a lovely spring day, except for the cold wind that was so cold that it went straight to the bones at this lake Humaljärvi as I was taking photos there. The sky was blue, the shadows long and the wind was so cold. I did look nice and you could sense that spring was o its way.

Lake Humaljärvi, Kirkkonummi, Finland
the water flows you can see ripples on the water from the nippy wind

Travel memories 8

No travel in sight, so I am going to post photos of lovely places I have visited. I will keep it simple, lots of posts, less words is the theme in these posts.

I was going to leave Capri, but I have to share more of the beauty I saw. I am in no hurry, the travel ban is not going to lift anytime soon.

View to the coast at Capri, Italy

Boating on a warm sunny day at the coast of Capri, wouldn’t that be something…

View from Capri

I love the sea, beaches, forests, mountains, countryside and lovely cities and the people in them. Colors; blue, green, red, white, yellows and what ever you can find around you. I love beauty and these photos remind me of beauty I have seen.

Welcome to my travels, some of them you might seen before…well, that’s life! Let’s go with the flow…

New Edits – Sunset

Back to the archives, this is an old sunset photo I discovered when searching for shots that I’ve disregarded, now after editing , not so shabby.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Bootleg Canyon were the destinations on one of the days during our visit to Las Vegas. These all happened on on the same day, but I am going to post them one by one, because I have so many pictures to share. I have some great memories or shoud I say memorable memories from Lake Mead, Once we were caught in a sandstorm and hide in the water with just our head out of water. I nearly lost may angles – life during a water ski accident… Yeah I remember this place.

Small boats

As you can assume as we are on the river, there is bound to be boats of all kinds there, and I took photos of them. I loved how the morning light showed beautiful color reflections on the water
Goa India, Chapora River (29)Goa India, Chapora River (32)-2

Kerala Style boats at Chapora river

These boats are so beautifully crafted so I am sharing few more photos of them as seen from abroad one of them

Watching passing boats at sea.

Beautiful morning at sea, sunny skies, warm temperatures. Boats  passed us by as  we headed to Tallinn, these are taken on the coast of Helsinki . So Welcome to Wednesday at sea!

RS 2014-0611 - Helsinki  coast-14

Pieni Lintu

A Photo a Week Challenge: From Color to B&W



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Nearly empty marina at the end of November



09-DSC03340 07-DSC03338 18-DSC03349

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Boats

I love the sea, boats, sailboats…here are few I’ve photographed.

First four are from Sri Lanka, Negombo,


This Sailboat was in Hope Springs in Canada (below)


These last three ones are  from Thailand


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Boats



Ice and snow

Skywatch Friday: Season 6, Episode 29

Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Helsinki Ice Ice Helsinki Ice Ice snow