Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Bootleg Canyon were the destinations on one of the days during our visit to Las Vegas. These all happened on on the same day, but I am going to post them one by one, because I have so many pictures to share. I have some great memories or shoud I say memorable memories from Lake Mead, Once we were caught in a sandstorm and hide in the water with just our head out of water. I nearly lost may angles – life during a water ski accident… Yeah I remember this place.


  1. Aivan mahtavaa maisemaa. Omalla matkallamme Lake Powellin järvellä meinasimme vuokrata veneen yösijaksi, mutta lyhin aika oli viikko. Niin kauan emme aikoneet maisemissa viipyä. Mutta todella mahtavaa luontoa ja kuvaksellista kuten kuvistasi paistaa! Muistan sen vanan jutun silloin aikoinaan huh.

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