Lake Pikku-Kukkanen

We had an amazing weekend to capture, clouds and reflections.

These are taken at lake Pikku-Kukkanen (Small flower) I was able to capture beautiful reflections on the lake and there were two swans further away, so I really missed noth having my camera with me. In the first shot the exposure was low so the clouds came out really dark. I like the intensity of the atmosphere.

Reflectiond on Lake Pikku-Kukkanen in Nastola, Finland
Lake PIKKU-Kukkanen

Lake Iso-Kukkanen

We had an amazing weekend to capture, clouds, mist and rainbows as the weather was mostly cloudy, but few moments of light. I happened to be in those to capture some beauty. Most are taken by mobile phone, because, well it was so cloudy when we left, and I thought that there would be nothing to photograph. How wrong I was! I usually have my camera with me, once again a great reminder that, Ritva, keep it with you, you never know what you can see.

These are taken at lake Iso-Kukkanen (Big flower) I was able to capture beautiful reflections on the lake.

Reflectiond on Lake Iso-Kukkanen in Nastola, Finland
Lake Iso-Kukkanen

All’s well, what’s a rainy day?

All’s well, what’s a rainy day? / Never mind that cloud, behind that cloud you’ll find a golden ray.  

Jonathan Swift

New Edits #5

One more mountain photo for now, still in British Columbia and Whistler route, we stopped by the side of the road to capture this sight.

Capturing sunrays

April 11

we are finally leaving winter behind us, last days have been nice and warm. Nights are still cold, but slowly but surely spring is arriving. I for one am overjoyed about it.

April16th (30 of 91)April16th (23 of 91)April16th (25 of 91)

Lake Konnivesi

Fields web (9 of 17)

Visiting lake Konnivesi in Iitti, so nice and peaceful, Finnish summer is the best ( when its warm and sunny).

Fields web (8 of 17)Fields web (7 of 17)


Water LillyLumpeen kukka-3Lumpeen kukka-2

Cee’s / Landscapes

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Landscapes. This was something I could have posted hundreds of photos. Here are some places that have been an inspiration to me.

NF Inspiring – Catching light in macro

Catching light
Catching light

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