Winter blues

No way getting over it, it is still winter. It looks lovely no denying that either. Lots of folks I know are really enjoying this. So lets be happy for them 🙂 The singing of the birds carries the notes of spring. All good. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

The Mill of Kumia

On this rainy day I went seaching for fences, we stopped at Kumian mylly to catch the motion of rapids, old building and I did find my fences too. Good day all and all.


.The old mill of Kumia is over flowing with water due to the amounts of rain lately… a great place to try caption motion, movement, did I succeed?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water or the Season of Winter

Water, I have lots of photos of water, sea, lakes, rapids, tap water…here a rapids.

Winter I am familiar with it too, but I have to say that I do not like it! Even if it can be so beautiful when we have fresh snow and sunshine. That is not often, but here are few winter shots.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water or the Season of Winter

NF Inspiring Photography 102 – Catching light

kumianmylly  (91 of 184) kumianmylly  (125 of 184) kumianmylly  (149 of 184) kumianmylly  (163 of 184)

The first one is of me trying to cath the light.  Sorry for a repeat  subject, but these photos are so much about catching light I picke few more from my files.

NF Inspiring Photography 102 – Catching light

Flowing water

I certainly hope that some of these shots turned inspiring, I lost a pair of my favorite sunglasses into the rapids

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week’s photo challenge is about perspective: . Make sure you share what the photo actually is of in its caption!

Smooth from the rush of the water. All photos can be enlarged by clicking on the photo.

For those who are looking for an extra bit of challenge, show us two photos, each one showing a different angle or interpretation of the same subject:

Monster  created from the water flow
Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Ice flowers in rapids

This sighting is rare – and beautiful .  I had to post few more photos of it

Beautiful Icicles in white water (rapids)

Sunday Stills: Watershots

These water shots are from Kumian mylly , in Nastola.

More at:

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Watershots

Honorable mention: Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, Water


I am once again amazed that I scored a honorable mention in Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, the pictures there are wonderful.

I am really taken by this mention, have a look at the other winners at:

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, Water

In this week’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, we’re challenging bloggers to photograph what they feel best represents water!

the following photographs are of white-water

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