Värikollaasi 210

It has been ages since I participated in any photo collage “challenge” Here is my entry for Värikollaasi 210 (51/2019)

You are welcome to take part in this challenge where we play with images and colors. There are only one shade of color at this week – turquoise

Wonders Challenge -Photo a day 7.1.2013

I’m going to participate in Wonders challenge ( http://wordsbyirma.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/tammikuun-haaste/) and try to take a photo once a day – topics are listed below.

Come and join the fun.

1. The first day of the year  2. in the bathroom cabinet   3.  on the table  4. light  5. blue, red, yellow  6. orange, green, purple DONE

7. Heat


This element FIRE to me it means warmth, heat,  during winter I love to watch the  flames fell the heat on my feet,  but I have had comments earlier that some people find it threatening, scary…but all the same it is Beautiful

White on white

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Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, Water

In this week’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge, we’re challenging bloggers to photograph what they feel best represents water!

the following photographs are of white-water

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