52 Frames, Week 14: Nature!


Nature shots aren’t restricted to wildlife out in the middle of nowhere. How about a starry night shot with a long shutter? Or the waves of the ocean with a high shutter speed to freeze motion?  Not possible for me, we have snow, rain an slush… still!!!

Nature Photography is here to make us feel connected with our home, this pale blue dot 🌍 we call earth. Go out and capture the beauty that surrounds us all. I took these of the hill that is just behind our backyard. Capturing weather, snow.. and the the trees on the fill.

Snowing sideways…
the wind has slightly let up…but still snowing pretty heavily

Nature in detail was my option, the ball hydrangea has weathered the winter well, and I love how the structure and texture begin to show. I know I have taken similar shots before, but honestly near home is not much that inspires me at the moment. So any opinions as what to post as my entry for week 14 ?

pine tree

A touch of spring

We are having a beautiful day with temperatures on the plus side and you can hear snow melting, but do we still have lots of it to melt.

3 pm

My husband was doing his best to give the spring help by making creeks so that snow and ice would melt quicker

Even nicer weather

What a difference a day makes added with sunshine, the snow covered trees look so nice.

I still haven’t ventured beyond my backyard to take photos, but I am happy to have this as my view.

Nice weather

it snowed yesterday, a lot! We got so much snow in our backyard, well in the front too 🙂 I took these first three this morning during the blue moment. The others a little bit later, you can see how it effected the colors.

Front yard

Snow, snow and snow

we have some snow in out backyard, and it is so hard to tell the time.

52 Frames week 2; hello from my backyard

We had beautiful days here the past week and I was not able to go out and capture the beauty, too sick and too tired. I have been in the house from January 3rd, first in quarantine for 3 days, then sick. The instructions what and when to do change constantly, it is confusing, but you figure it out on the way.

Well I did go outside to my backyard to capture so of the winter beauty, I am so happy that we have private and pretty view to rest our eyes on. That pine tree looks so lovely on the hill covered with snow.

What winter looks like

At night before I closed the blinds it looked like this, so pretty

Night time
Snow covered oak tree

Snow covered trees

Even if winter is not my favorite time of the year, I have to admit that it can look very pretty.

The beauty of winter

Spring day in Monochrome

The sky was blue, the shadows long and the wind was so cold. I thought nature shots could look great in monochrome as the light and shadows give the photos nice contrast. Also the trees are leafless so they are more structured and might look better in a way. I my previous post from this same location the photos are in color. The feeling is so different in these.

Ripples on the water
Rowing boat

Spring day

Few days back we had a lovely spring day, except for the cold wind that was so cold that it went straight to the bones at this lake Humaljärvi as I was taking photos there. The sky was blue, the shadows long and the wind was so cold. I did look nice and you could sense that spring was o its way.

Lake Humaljärvi, Kirkkonummi, Finland
the water flows you can see ripples on the water from the nippy wind

Winter blues

No way getting over it, it is still winter. It looks lovely no denying that either. Lots of folks I know are really enjoying this. So lets be happy for them 🙂 The singing of the birds carries the notes of spring. All good. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Open water

This is a sign that we are glad to see, not spring, but a hope of it. Areas of open water in places where there is a nice current in the water. The first one is from the end of rapids, as the water enters the lake. The second is from a river.

and it snowed

Yesterday we had bad weather, it snowed and was windy, that condition on the roads were really awful. There was a major car accident on the freeway, 88 car collision. Ten people were taken to hospital. it took them six hours to clear it. Also several other smaller ones, not a graet day to be on the road.

I am so happy that I was able to watch and photograph the snow blizzard through my window from the warm comfort of my home.

The hydrangea in snow

Symbolism. The hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty. It also radiates abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape. Its colours symbolise love, harmony and peace. Even in the winter when they are brown?

It’s beginning to look…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring. A lovely warm day, well warm is so relevant to what you compare it with, but anyways, a lovely day at Kirkkonummi. I went out to see what is happening in the neighbourhood and buy some tulips to brighten the day. As today’s news are not all so uplifting, the opposite to be exact, so why not do something nice.

It lifted my spirits, so I decided to bake some cakes, hopefully they turned out nice. I have not tasted them yet, such self control. The scent they gave to the house was so delicious, if that’s an indicator, they are going to be fab 🙂 Banana chocolate cakes, I mixed together some of the ingredients that I had at home.

That’s my day so far, hope you have had a good one 🙂

Frosty morning

Morning Sun behind the frosty trees

We have had several cold days this week, but the weather should be warming up a bit. This cold certainly brings us nice and sunshiny days and the clear starry nights. The amount of clothing you have to wear to keep warm. Layered clothing is the thing or just stay inside, which is the option i use the most.

We have been seeing news about Texas and other areas that are not used to winter conditions and the problems they are having…so sad.

February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow bloggers!

I am surprising you just with one photo today. I like how this turned out.

Silhouette of a tree

February 12

Repeat from yesterday, all this is still valid, today we have the bluest skies, so lovely! The minus side is that it is so COLD! -15C /5 F but with the wind factor it feels like -20C /-2F .

Wednesday, I went for a walk and a drive to few lovely seaside places. Here are few pictures from my next stop, the Marina in Soukka. I stopped to see if there were any ice hole swimmers about this morning, nope, not today. What I ended up trying to capture was the quickly changing sky, the play of the clouds and sun behind it, playing hide and seek. Clear blue higher up, cloudy near the ground.

Fellow photographer
Ice hole for our winter swimmers
empty dock

February 11

Today we have the bluest skies, so lovely! The minus side is that it is so COLD! -15C /5 F but with the wind factor it feels like -20C /-2F .

Sunrise today was at 8:09. Sunset today is at 17:00. Length of day 8 h 51 min. Spring is coming 🙂

Yesterday I went for a walk, despite the cold. My fingers did not thank me for taking photos 🙂

I visited the Suinonsalmi inlet, when I was a kid I came here often. I was not the only one out there, I saw people walking, cross country skiing even though it was rather cold. This was my first stop.


February 8

Today I finally got some stuff done. I took my spectacles to the optometrist to get them fixed, one of the lenses had a not so small scratch on it. Went to the pharmacy to get eye drops my eyes are so dry, as is my skin, winter…

I also took an artwork of mine to be printed, I sold one, I am rather happy about that. Hopefully it will come out nicely as it is largest I’ve had done so far.

Once again a picture of snow

I’ll have my coffee inside

Soft tones of winter

I have been rather silent lately, nothing has happened really. Winter came finally with snow, it’s been 10 years since we had this much snow. Boring, boring is what life is at the moment. Maybe I will feel more positive soon, one needs to be a bit down to feel the joy again.

This feeling in the winter is not new to me as I am not a winter person, but a child of summer. If one need to point one positive thing, it the light that is slowly but surely coming our way. Sunset is at 16:23, it over a hour more that it was in December. See, I can find something positive in all this 🙂

Have a great day!

Reeds at the bay
Trees in frost


Snow covered field with one lone pine tree caught my attention and the rising mist in the afternoon gave the scenery a nice atmospheric look.

Pine tree in the misty field
Playing with composition

Empty Marina

No sailing or boating at the moment, the marina was empty the blue hour was approaching and all was good.

Empty Marina

Spot of light

I caught a spot of sunlight mids the spruce trees. Winter in with snow is rather beautiful, if cold.

WInter photos from Kirkkonummi, Finland