Independence Day

That’s it, Independence Day here Finland is cold and dark, but candles are traditionally placed in the window, mine are in front of the blue waves

Countdown to 2021-6

Candles in my office

Today is Finland’s 103rd Independence Day. We are celebrating it by lightning two candles at 6 PM to the window. We also placed our Xmas light outside. I also lit some candles in my office, this I just took minute ago with my mobile..

Now is time to have some Pizza

I will be posting new and old photos somehow related to winter, Christmas and eventually anticipation of new year. My aim is to take one new photo a day, but not going to stress over it, if I don’t come up with anything.

Would you like to join us? Join in with this title and link it to my page.

December 2018~6

Independence Day

Celebrating 101 year of independence! What a joy to sit and enjoy dinner in these settings. Juhla (3 of 8)