Beautiful in Black and White 14


I took several winter wonderland photos last week, so I thought I’d try them as monochrome. Misty fields and snow-covered
roads with trees heavy with snow surrounding it. 
This is how they turned out.

It is nearly Christmas, and I hope that
these winter shots will help you to get into white Christmas spirit.

Snow covered lane

The way that light hits objects, I think, is one of the more important things that sculpture and photography share. – Rashid Johnson



Spruce trees by the side of the snowy road

Minimalist winter scenery

I have been away from my computer, and photos for a long weekend visiting my son and his family. So obviously I have missed a lot. Here are some more winter wonderland shots from last week

Pastel hues
Small shrubb in the field of snow

Wahat a calm view

52 Frames week 2; hello from my backyard

We had beautiful days here the past week and I was not able to go out and capture the beauty, too sick and too tired. I have been in the house from January 3rd, first in quarantine for 3 days, then sick. The instructions what and when to do change constantly, it is confusing, but you figure it out on the way.

Well I did go outside to my backyard to capture so of the winter beauty, I am so happy that we have private and pretty view to rest our eyes on. That pine tree looks so lovely on the hill covered with snow.

Winter blues

No way getting over it, it is still winter. It looks lovely no denying that either. Lots of folks I know are really enjoying this. So lets be happy for them 🙂 The singing of the birds carries the notes of spring. All good. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Open water

This is a sign that we are glad to see, not spring, but a hope of it. Areas of open water in places where there is a nice current in the water. The first one is from the end of rapids, as the water enters the lake. The second is from a river.

February 2021 -7

Nothing much to write about, we have snow and winter temperatures, and you can see the increase of the light and every day you can be amazed by it.


We got 10cm more snow during the night, so a fresh coat of snow made everything lovely.

February 2021 -3

I have surprised myself be going out now two days a row, since I have had no desire to do so in a long time. I am trying to force myself to be more active. As stated in yesterday’s post, laziness, depression, or just getting tired of all this shit has taken over.

It has been a lovely sunny winter day so far. I went for a walk and this is what I saw…

Sun flares

We got 10cm more snow during the night, so a fresh coat of snow made everything lovely.

To reassure you – I did take a shower 🙂


February 2021

We are at the point of winter that the light time is increasing fast, what a blessing, with the snow on the ground the effect is noticeable, in the south of Finland we will gain about 30 minutes of light in a week, 5 minutes a day. North, well a hour of more. The joy…

the dusk is on its way

Today it is snowing again, yesterday was clear, so I made myself go out for a short walk, but did not make it out until later in the afternoon. I did take my camera with me, so I captured few winter shots of my neighbourhoods.

Today I am making effort to do a post, and contemplating if I should take a shower or not…I probably will. Do you have days that you would rather spend the day doing nothing, I’ve had several the past days?

Getting a bit darker

March 15

the weather is not promising spring for us, no, winter still has a strong grip on us even though it is middle of March.winter (4 of 4)

December 29

untitled (14 of 18).jpg

Nostalgic country lane linked to Skywatch Friday – New Year’s Edition