February 2021 -7

Nothing much to write about, we have snow and winter temperatures, and you can see the increase of the light and every day you can be amazed by it.


We got 10cm more snow during the night, so a fresh coat of snow made everything lovely.

February 2021 -3

I have surprised myself be going out now two days a row, since I have had no desire to do so in a long time. I am trying to force myself to be more active. As stated in yesterday’s post, laziness, depression, or just getting tired of all this shit has taken over.

It has been a lovely sunny winter day so far. I went for a walk and this is what I saw…

Sun flares

We got 10cm more snow during the night, so a fresh coat of snow made everything lovely.

To reassure you – I did take a shower 🙂


February 2021

We are at the point of winter that the light time is increasing fast, what a blessing, with the snow on the ground the effect is noticeable, in the south of Finland we will gain about 30 minutes of light in a week, 5 minutes a day. North, well a hour of more. The joy…

the dusk is on its way

Today it is snowing again, yesterday was clear, so I made myself go out for a short walk, but did not make it out until later in the afternoon. I did take my camera with me, so I captured few winter shots of my neighbourhoods.

Today I am making effort to do a post, and contemplating if I should take a shower or not…I probably will. Do you have days that you would rather spend the day doing nothing, I’ve had several the past days?

Getting a bit darker


Here in Finland at this time of the year you do not see many exotic birds, so these are what I am able to spot in our winter skies…flying


I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine LetsBeWild.com’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers

This week’s Challenge is: Flying!

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