February 2021

We are at the point of winter that the light time is increasing fast, what a blessing, with the snow on the ground the effect is noticeable, in the south of Finland we will gain about 30 minutes of light in a week, 5 minutes a day. North, well a hour of more. The joy…

the dusk is on its way

Today it is snowing again, yesterday was clear, so I made myself go out for a short walk, but did not make it out until later in the afternoon. I did take my camera with me, so I captured few winter shots of my neighbourhoods.

Today I am making effort to do a post, and contemplating if I should take a shower or not…I probably will. Do you have days that you would rather spend the day doing nothing, I’ve had several the past days?

Getting a bit darker

11 thoughts on “February 2021

  1. Kuulostaa tutulta! Eilen piti mennä kauppaan, en mennyt. En mennyt vielä tänäänkään.

    Tänään pitäisi pestä hiukset, saas nähdä…

    Päiväunista pidän kyllä kiinni joka päivä, niistä ei tarvitse pähkäillä.

    Joku energiapiikki olisi mukavaa!

  2. Retired and cold days here in Florida, plus a pandemic. I just gave up and quit fighting the laziness. The shower….Ritva, that made me laugh. Some days that feels like such a chore, doesn’t it?!

  3. We’re getting more sunshine day by day too and even where we had more daylight than you did, it’s appreciated. Thanks for going out and taking these beautiful winter photos. They make me happy. As far as feeling like doing nothing, I’d love to have a day when I felt I really didn’t have anything I should be doing, but that rarely happens. I take time out during the day to read or, better yet, sit outside and read, making that my do-nothing part of a day.


  4. Yes, I totally agree with you, Ritva, and with others above, that as the pandemic rolls on, even the slightest of tasks become really quite a chore. I simply feel tired, and am finding that sitting doing nothing is increasingly attractive. That said, I am nearly 71, and feeling it – but I’ve been out for a two hour walk this morning, though with no photographic inspiration whatsoever. 🙂

    1. Good on you Adrian, hats of for your 2 hour walk. I have surprised myself that now two days a row I have gone for a short walk. Today the skies were so blue, I just had to step out even if it’s -7,6C which ain’t bad.

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