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Värikollaasi ~Darkness

These are  from Lapland a place called Lomavietonen, where I stayed during my visit. I can Highly  recommend the place. Friendly and  good service, delicious food. Me and my collaques were very happy to stay there. More at Värikollaasi 215

Searching for sunlight

Yesterday we saw also other colors than blue, grey and white in various tones. A small orange light around midday was to give hope of  better. These still mostly are the blue grey tones, also very beautiful, absolutely, but at this point in the winter a sunny day would be just awesome. Al photos can be enlarged by a click.


I am so happy I visited Lapland, indigo was so much present there, before the dusk. These are unedited photos so you can see that  the blues there are so real and powerful, The first one is taken on top of the ice…around 7 am, the second about hour later from the window… last one around 5 pm in the evening. 1-DSC08145 3-DSC08293 2-DSC08321



Daily Post – PHOTO CHALLENGE – Serenity

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water or the Season of Winter

Water, I have lots of photos of water, sea, lakes, rapids, tap water…here a rapids.

Winter I am familiar with it too, but I have to say that I do not like it! Even if it can be so beautiful when we have fresh snow and sunshine. That is not often, but here are few winter shots.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water or the Season of Winter

Skywatch Friday


Grey skies, we just had more snow last night, but it is supposed to warm up again this weekend. Hopefully spring will be here to stay this time. Blue skies is so much more appealing than grey skies.

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2014 #4

On my way home – so wish winter would end soon. The great thing is that its light when leave work 🙂

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: 50 Years or Older

Immilän mylly – this place and these “machines” are over fifty years old!
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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walk 100 Steps or less and take new photos

I walked less the hundred steps, but I did sit in a car for awhile….I know I’m stretching this a bit, but these are the newest photos I have.  River flows into the lake on a cold Sunday day (-9 C )

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