It’s beginning to look…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring. A lovely warm day, well warm is so relevant to what you compare it with, but anyways, a lovely day at Kirkkonummi. I went out to see what is happening in the neighbourhood and buy some tulips to brighten the day. As today’s news are not all so uplifting, the opposite to be exact, so why not do something nice.

It lifted my spirits, so I decided to bake some cakes, hopefully they turned out nice. I have not tasted them yet, such self control. The scent they gave to the house was so delicious, if that’s an indicator, they are going to be fab 🙂 Banana chocolate cakes, I mixed together some of the ingredients that I had at home.

That’s my day so far, hope you have had a good one 🙂

Sunny and cold

After many cloudy and snowy day, we have a sunny afternoon. What a difference it makes on the scenery. It is a bit nippy -13C at the moment.

Sunny afternoon
Last night

Watching passing boats at sea.

Beautiful morning at sea, sunny skies, warm temperatures. Boats  passed us by as  we headed to Tallinn, these are taken on the coast of Helsinki . So Welcome to Wednesday at sea!

RS 2014-0611 - Helsinki  coast-14

Pieni Lintu

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Trees/ Fall Colours?

It was a beautiful October weekend here in Finland, the autumn colors  – so bright and beautiful.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Trees/ Fall Colours?

01-WP_001043 07-WP_001028 10-WP_001016 02-WP_001042 08-WP_001021 09-WP_001023 04-WP_001039 03-WP_001040 06-WP_001033 05-WP_001036


PicStory # 79 – light /Tones on Tuesday #62 1.23.13

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: People in Nature!


I have linked my photos to the following pages:

We had a lovely cold and sunny day and lots of us used the opportunity to spend it doing some outdoor activities, skiing and walking on the ice, kids  sledding down a slopes.People ice fishing and their pets having a great time enjoying the freedom of open space.

Light, sun has that effect 🙂

PicStory # 79 – light

Tones on Tuesday #62 1.23.13

Light light Light on the road sledding Continue reading “PicStory # 79 – light /Tones on Tuesday #62 1.23.13”