Something I noticed #7

Clouds, something I noticed that appealed to me, dark clouds over the road and fields. I love watching clouds, often I take photos of them too as you may have noticed.

Nothing unusual, still so fascinating to watch. While driving the smaller countryside roads during the end of July and early August clouds have been a companion of our trips. Rain not so much, but clouds or many times even light gray. Those are not so inspiring to take photos of, but these intense ones, that is a totally different story.

The morning held a promise of a nice sunny day…then the clouds gathered giving me a nice photo opportunty.

This the beginning…country road take me home, to the place I belong…

Something I noticed #5

Nature, something I noticed that appealed to me, the contrast of dark clouds and golden fields.

Very mundane, still so pleasing. You can see its raining further in the back as the clouds are hanging low..

Hay time

Watching others work. It is that time of the year when hay is being gathered from the fields, this summer earlier than usual

I was not expecting to have a summer holiday this year, but suddenly I found out that I could have two weeks. So hip hurray, I am on vacation 😊

Pastel landscapes

The nature brings out beautiful colors to fill all our senses, even the bare nature looks lovely in these colors. Mist always adds a magic touch to any photo, then again that is my opinion.

Trees on a hill

I was looking at some old photos and I came across these from a field near my summer house. I like this view it is so pretty. I so wish it was summer, I would be happy with spring too 🙂

under the clouds

It’s beginning to look…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring. A lovely warm day, well warm is so relevant to what you compare it with, but anyways, a lovely day at Kirkkonummi. I went out to see what is happening in the neighbourhood and buy some tulips to brighten the day. As today’s news are not all so uplifting, the opposite to be exact, so why not do something nice.

It lifted my spirits, so I decided to bake some cakes, hopefully they turned out nice. I have not tasted them yet, such self control. The scent they gave to the house was so delicious, if that’s an indicator, they are going to be fab 🙂 Banana chocolate cakes, I mixed together some of the ingredients that I had at home.

That’s my day so far, hope you have had a good one 🙂


Beautiful sunset in Lahti Finland
Sunset at the countryside

Beautiful sunset at near my summer house in Lahti, the green fields and orange sky make a beautiful contrast. Mist always adds an extra plus to the scenary

Ihana auringonlasku lähellä mökkiäni, vihreän ja oranssin kontrasti on aivan ihana. Sumu aina tehostaa kuvan tunnelmaa. Kyllä kesällä on niin kaunista.


I am repeating myself quit a bit, but cant help myself. I love the mist in August. Obviously I have tons of photos of it. Some better than others. Here are some, surprise, surprise from our summer house.

In July the different shades of greens in the nature are so evident and beautiful. These are taken moments before sunset.

Blue moon of May

The past weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny skies. Loved it. I also loved the moon that lit up the field behind our summer place, it was so bright and shine.

Autumn Vibes~10

it has been a lovely weekend, yesterday was cloudy but warm, today sunny and warm. Perfect time to capture the magic of Autumn colors. This was the first stop

June – summer is here

June is here already and  I have been up to the same old stuff, taking photos of wild flowers and nature at my Summer flowers (99 of 118)summer-house. Hopefully I will expand my horizon this month so I won’t continue with macro theme. Even though I will be posting macro’s, maybe a landscape or two between. Maybe be as bold as do a throw back Thursday…


Field mustard

Beautiful sunny summer day in Finland, such a treat, we have not had many of those this summer.

Fields web (16 of 17)Fields web (1 of 17)Fields web (3 of 17)