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Why do I do this

Lazy, or something else, Haven’t been editing my Australia photos as quickly as I would have liked to. Have not even touched the ones I took in Hong Kong. I think, no, I know, I have not taken my camera out but only once since January. I think I am slightly depressed as I am not able to create anything new, I plan, I plan again, but then I don’t get anything done. My head is in a mist.

Have you been at this kind of a slump in your photography. You know, why do this, there are so many better, more creative and talented people out there. Who cares. Point being, I have always done this for me, never had any real ambition to be something. Just to share, the world as I see it. Come spring, hopefully, I will get back on the track.

Misty Beach

Before sunset

I was in Vancouver, visiting my sister who is terminally ill, it has been emotionally hard visit. Due to that my blogging has been non existant.

The mountains around the area are so beautiful and looking at the natures beauty has calming effect which helped. These mountains and sea – aah, so lovely prior sunset.

sea and mountains-

The Weekend in Black and White – in the mist

mist looks good in BW too – No?

Ritva's Art - Monochrome Photography

I took these photos on my way to work, with my mobile as my camera in still in the repair shop. I        myself liked them in color and decided to see how they’d turn in to BW.  Not bad – do you agree?

morning mist-001074morning mist-001075morning mist-001073

The Weekend in Black and White

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Night walk in the country side

I went to take walk this evening during sunset, I left it behind my back and walked to the south along the country road. This is what caught my eye, soft tones of blue and green.
fog (48 of 75)

fog (49 of 75)

fog (50 of 75)

fog (62 of 75)

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Atmospheric

These photos are from last summer , taken in Nastola, Finland around midnight. I like the light, mist – and color. All creating an atmosphere I like.

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Green path

This week I’m displaying Which Ways – where there is a lot of grass in the photo.  Whether the grass is the actual path or surrounds the path. Here is my green path road. green path road green path with light green path with a cat Green path


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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 8