Orange car

Out of nowhere, I suddenly found this photo on my phone of an orange car in front of an orange canopy, I have taken this in Miami few years back, I don’t remember posting it. A it is a square I must have posted in Instagram. I wish I had taken some time to edit. it.

A mask

I was going through my old photos, I was searching for something totally different, but I found these of a man wearing a mask. I wonder f he still uses it? It certainly is something different


Vehicle (25)
I was taking photos of my grandsons favorite toy, AUTO! AUTO! AUTO! he is 18 month old. He sure love’s cars. This is how they turned out.


Weekend Reflections

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Weekend Reflections

The Weekend in Black and White

More photos at; Friday, 17th January, 2014.

Sunday Still – Back of a car

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