Orange car

Out of nowhere, I suddenly found this photo on my phone of an orange car in front of an orange canopy, I have taken this in Miami few years back, I don’t remember posting it. A it is a square I must have posted in Instagram. I wish I had taken some time to edit. it.

A mask

I was going through my old photos, I was searching for something totally different, but I found these of a man wearing a mask. I wonder f he still uses it? It certainly is something different

April 4

This morning while driving to work I witnessed a beautiful sunrise in the mist. I so wished that I was taking photos some where other than a moving car through dirty car windows. but what can you do, one needs to work. So my apologies for the quality of the photos, but considering the way I took them I am rather pleased .

Sunrise in Apriltree in the mistSunrise in APril_2





One Word Photo Challenge: Clear

I can see clearly now, windows might be dirty, but… rain droplets are not, but clear they are. Cats certainly have clear vision from through the clear window.
One Word Photo Challenge: Clear

Weekend Reflections

2-WP_000602 1-WP_000601

Weekend Reflections

I Heart Macro ~ cat

You can click the photos to enlarge them. More at: I Heart Macro Week 44

The Weekend in Black and White

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Weekend Reflections # 222


Happy New Year! (Weekend Reflections # 222)

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 11

 Driving through downtown Vancouver, all pictures are taken in few minutes time

Vancouver, Stanley park-140 Vancouver, Stanley park-141 Vancouver, Stanley park-142 Vancouver, Stanley park-143 Vancouver, Stanley park-144 Vancouver, Stanley park-145

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Sunday Still – Back of a car

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The Next Challenge: Backs of Things

Looking up

picstory # 92 – bottom up

more pictures of this topic can be found in the link above

Sisko in a an old oak tree Sisko in a an old oak tree 100 year old birch tree 100 year old birch tree 100 year old birch tree