May 16th, Sunday

It was windy, the sky was gray with the sun coming out only for a moment every now and then. I loved the contrast between the green leaves and branches against the dark sky.

Birch tree branches

Random July 23

I love the beautiful Birch tree woods you can spot here and there, not too often so that you will be numbed to their beauty


May – Macro#6

The miracle of sunshine. The new life grows from smallest of cracks.  This birch tree is trying to grow from our yard fence.Minimalist (5 of 22)Minimalist (7 of 22)

It is going to be green soon

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Looking up

picstory # 92 – bottom up

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Sisko in a an old oak tree Sisko in a an old oak tree 100 year old birch tree 100 year old birch tree 100 year old birch tree

Nature’s ART

This old oak tree had its bark peeled of, and beneath it this piece of  Nature’s art  was found . This great pattern was engraved there in by the larvae s. 

 Tämä vanha tammi puu on kuorittiin sen  kaarnasta, alta löytyi tämä luonnon tekemä taideteos.  Toukat olivat kaivertaneet sinne tämän hienon kuvion.

Art on an old oak tree
Art on an old oak tree

Challenge is: Texture in Nature!

I’m participating in the online adventure travel magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis week’s Challenge is: Texture in Nature!

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