Orange car

Out of nowhere, I suddenly found this photo on my phone of an orange car in front of an orange canopy, I have taken this in Miami few years back, I don’t remember posting it. A it is a square I must have posted in Instagram. I wish I had taken some time to edit. it.


is anyone else having issues about posting comments today, I am frustrated!!!!! I have written several comments to various posts and then I they won’t go through. It does not happen to all blogs or all comments.

After several attempts I give up….I feel like these two below 🙂

A mask

I was going through my old photos, I was searching for something totally different, but I found these of a man wearing a mask. I wonder f he still uses it? It certainly is something different


Art Deco south Miami Beach. night-38

Which one works better…

Miami South Beach- neon lights-bar (1 of 1)


Art Deco District

While in South Beach Miami we stayed at the Art Deco district.It was interesting at night and day time – a tourist attraction.  Here are some buildings dressed up in neon lights

I hope you made it this far 🙂


The Barnacle



The Barnacle-18

Part of art

Taking of photos of People being part of art…

Lady Gouldian finch

I saw this lovely bird and was also able to capture it at Butterfly world in MiamiLady Gouldian finch.jpg