Lens Artists Challenge #251: Buildings and Other Structures

Anne wrote: My challenge for you, this week, is to find your own fascinating structures that capture your attention, tell a story or are just beautiful. You can capture new scenes or take a trip down memory lane in your photo archives. Lens Artists Challenge #251: Buildings and Other Structures

I am going to be brief worded, I have had the flu now for over a week so I am not at my best, it really drains you from all energy. SO I apologize for lack of responses to comments I’ve received. I will get to them.

So many to choose from, and without any reason I went with these. Enjoy.

Urajärven Kartano

Urajärvi Manor is one of the oldest manor museums in our country, having bequeathed their home for museum use by Lilly and Hugo von Heideman. The Empire-style mansion is located in Itä-Asikkala, Urajärvi.

The current main building was completed in 1810, the earlier one burned down and its exact location is unknown. The main building was initially a one-story building with a mansard roof. It was extended and raised into a two-story empire-style building in 1839-40 when the new manor owner Axel von Heideman moved into the house with his wife Sofia. The second floor was built only for grandeur and the fashion of the time. There are living rooms only at the ends.

from the mansion garden

The English-style park of Urajärvi Manor Museum with its romantic walkways and viewpoints is an experience worth seeing and experiencing

A quick stop to old town int Nice in France, I am drawn to the old architecture, the colors and rooftops .

the colorful and slightly dilapidated houses of Cape Verde attracted me and almost asked me to photograph them. Some had been nicely renovated.

These two modern high-rise building’s are from San Francisco, they are impressive, but they lack warmth and soul

These are from Brisbane in Australia, similar high rise buildings as above, but you can see an old building left by the sea front. What difference in style. I was very attracted to the l Queenslander houses.

And if you did not know the header is Sydney Opera house 🙂

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CB&W~Lines and Angles

For this weeks CB&W challenge I am revisiting my Hong Kong photos from December. There are lots of lines in the building s over there

Lines and Angles –just because

CB&W – Any Kind of House

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Hong Kong Skyline

I am trying to get my photos from January posted, so I can get to my current photos. I actually have some new ones, not many, but few. This post has photos from the skyline of Hong Kong, buildings. I most likely will later post some of them again by themselves, but the elimination process is hard.

The Weekend in Black and White

empty street in Riga

Street with no trafic

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Värikollaasi 152 Värikollaasi 152



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Värikollaasi 152

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Reflections and Shadows


Reflections from Seattle  above,  Vancouver below


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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

lines and patterns lines and patterns lines and patterns lines and patterns lines and patterns lines and patterns lines and patterns lines and patterns

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picstory # 83 – roofs

*dächer – roofs*

Roof in Riga, Latvia


ein stück himmel # 58

ein stück himmel # 58

I look out the window and it looks so sunny, finally when I get to go out the clouds appear…

view from the window Continue reading “ein stück himmel # 58”