CB&W – Fences

CB&W Fences this week my photos for this challenge are as follows. My favorite fence from our summer house.

My favorite fence from our summer house.

Kangaroos next to a fence on Australia
Looking towards Brisbane

CB&W – Chairs and tables

this week CB&W Chairs and tables. Here is few picks, often they are occupied in my photos.

CB&W – Dock

this week the the topic is at CB&W Challenge, Words that end in “ock” I am taking the easy way out with this one. Dock. It is a place I love to sit at… this is one day at at dock enjoying coffee.

At the end of the dock


I went to look for clouds outside, but lately it has been just gray sky or like to today wonderful blue sky with no clouds. So I searched my archives. For these black and white shots/ edits of clouds.

Martins Beach in California

CB&W ~ Roads

This week topic is roads. Here are some roads I have traveled. Road, street, highway in the city and countryside under clouds, mist and trees just to give the photo some effect.

CB&W – On two wheels

CB&W -Bikes Here are few shots of motorcycles and bikes for this week BW theme

CB&W – Signs

Signs are every where, mostly I do not take too much notice of them. These go in the theme what I’ve been posting on the blog lately. My trip to Las Vegas and California. I had to add one from the sign capital, Hong Kong. I have never seen so many signs on a street before.

CB&W – transportation

Editing Black and White images is fun, I have a limited amount of photos of public transportation’s but I did find few for CB&W theme this week.

Trams seem to be my favorite public transportation to photograph. So there are trams from Helsinki, San Francisco, Melbourne. Buses and metro from Hong Kong. Ferry from Sydney and Hong Kong. Last but not least a train from Melbourne. I did actually find several as I started to look through my archives. Happy travels in public transportation.

Tram in San Fransisco
Tram in Helsinki
Sydney Ferries
Train at Flinders Street station in Melbourne

CB&W – Moving water

Moving water is the theme Cheers!

By the sea below and splash of water above.

CB&W Hot or Cold

Black and white – Cold or Hot I am going with COLD. These are from Siuntio in southern Finland on a a cold winter day.

Looking out into the winter day from a drafty old barn

CB&W – made of wood

I adore B&W photos so this week the topic at CB&W is things made of wood. Here is my contribution to this topic.

Paper – made out of wood
Cardboard – made out of wood
Wooden staircase
Handcrafted wooden boat in India
Wooden church walls in the hearth of Helsinki

CB&W – Lighting

I took notice the past week of lighting in few of the places we visited as the topic this week gor CB&W is lighting. Hope you enjoy them.


CB&W~Lines and Angles

For this weeks CB&W challenge I am revisiting my Hong Kong photos from December. There are lots of lines in the building s over there

Lines and Angles –just because

CB&W Garden ornament

I thought this was impossible one for me as I usually do not take photos of garden ornaments, but yesterday at Wohls Gård in Kirkkonummi, there was this one in the back of the house. Convenient!


CB&W: Flower

Lily of the valley is such a great flower to convert to B&W because of its simplicity and grace. The Finnish national flower.

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CB&W – Any Kind of House

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