Over the roof tops

We went and visited Helsinki this afternoon, it was a bright, warm, very spring like day with temperature of +9C , but even with that taken to consideration, there were not many people walking about. We just had to get out of the house. We even had the restaurant all to ourselves, we spent lots of time looking at the cityscape opening to us behind the window. I do feel for the businesses. it is not easy to survive wit all the restrictions in place.

Helsinki by night ~2

On a windy Monday evening I went to take photos of the city by night. First I visited Töölö. After that we drove to the center, I was going to try different locations but the wind was so strong that I decided that it isn’t the best of weathers to be taking photos.

Considering that I have to tripod, I think these night photos turned out OK.

Helsinki by night

On a windy Monday evening I went to take photos of the city by night. First I visited Töölö. The park between two streets, Hesperia Esplanade, was my main topic, while I waited for my husband to finish his business there.

The name Hesperia is connected to the romantic trend in the early 1800s. Hesperia was the poetic name used by the ancient Greeks to describe the mythical lands far off to the west. Hesperos refers to the evening star, and in Greek mythology the Hesperides were nymphs who tend a blissful garden in a far western corner of the world. Hercules is said to have collected golden apples from their garden. (text from vihreatsylit.fi)

Considering how few leaves we have at home I was surprised how many there were at this esplanade.


CB&W – Signs

Signs are every where, mostly I do not take too much notice of them. These go in the theme what I’ve been posting on the blog lately. My trip to Las Vegas and California. I had to add one from the sign capital, Hong Kong. I have never seen so many signs on a street before.

Colorful tunnel

The tunnel to the railway station was always dirty, full of graffiti, dark and dingy. Nowadays it is colorful, bright and no one has yet done any graffiti art or scribble there which is a nice surprise

Neon lights galore

No, I am not finished yet. These are mostly from the Las Vegas strip and from our hotel window. Light treatment continues in this post.

view from our hotel room at night time


I have looked at Helsinki with a tourist eye as I have seen my friends in the city. Catching up with friends is so much fun, I should take take time more often than I do. Best thing about good friends is that they remain that even if you don’t see that often. Helsinki has not lost its appeal to me even if I visit it less frequently.

Sydney~4~The Bridge

We saw the Sydney Bridge during day and during night time. Near and far here are the some of the day shots.

How to survive November 2018~1

It is that time of the year again that survival is definitely on my mind. The all consuming darkness drains me. I will survive, I have sunshine on the horizon in December. Most likely most of my photos will be by my mobile as the darkness does not really invite you to take photos unless you are in a city. I do not often go to Helsinki, but the day we got the first snow, not officially, it melted ½ hour before it could have been mentioned as first snow. I saw it and for me it was the first snow of the season. I have to admit I was not thrilled about it.  Helsinki railway station in the evening is what I will share as my first post for November.

Helsinki railway station

June – laundry day

Nicé _ laundry (1 of 1)-2Nicé _ laundry (1 of 1)

June – few more minutes

Restaurants in old town in Nicé making preparations before opening for dinner. Someone was hungry and patiently waited for service

June – Medieval tunnel

Street view -tunnel (1 of 1).jpg

Medieval tunnel, Villefranche Sur Mer, Provence, Cote d’azur, France.

16th floor view of Helsinki

Unfortunately the photos have the window reflections on the, but Helsinki is rather beautiful city, mixture of old and new. I took these from the 16th floor at Clarion Hotel in Helsinki-

Monochrome Madness 3-51 – Helsinki City Hall


This weeks entry to    Monochrome Madness 3-51 challenge is a view to Helsinki City Hall , it is a central administrative building of Helsinki.   The city hall is located  next to Market Square at the moment rather quiet, but as summer comes it will be fill of orange tents.



Helsinki our capital is such a beautiful city, that is my opinion 🙂 I took these pictures when walking to the train after a meeting…mobile phones do have good cameras now days


I edited the originals a bit and also used cream tones in the other set, for some reason those appeal to me more. We’ve had some snowfall today, winter is back. Unfortunately so are the low temperatures too.